It Finally Happened

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No, I am not going slightly mad (ah copyright, Freddie Mercury/Peter Straker…did I miss anyone? Ok).

I have had the joy of speaking to many musicians, snap photos of them in action, ask them some questions, give opinions regarding their albums…and I stopped for a while. Well, gosh darn it, I like talking about music, and helping other musicians get their music out there! So here’s whats I’m going to dos (yes, bad grammar. Don’t even. I know).

On this site you will find, drum roll please…

…you probably can’t hear the drum roll…open stroke roll…


An interview, album review, photos, etc.

Upon searching the Boston music blog scene, I came home a little bummed. A found some sites that were no longer, or had become overrun by ads, and to the ones that are still running…thank you!

But I won’t just focus on Boston, though I’m always here to shout out for my neighbor.

…and Canada, clearly. Come on, Moving Pictures is a great album!


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