Doe, Oh Dear

The study and science of sound is something that fascinates me. Somehow even after pages of logarithms and formulas on noise reduction I thought, “Sound, yeah! Design it! Interpret it! Skip it!”

Well, no, don’t skip it. That’s some ad from the 90s talking.

I’m not bringing up all this talk of sound just to set off a nerd alert. I bring this up because I’ve been introduced to a musician, Doe Paoro, who seems to appreciate sound as much as music, and the composition thereof.

It is said that her music deeply reflects the “space between silence and sound”, just as one would with negative and positive space in an image. In the age of the Loudness War, I think it is fair to say that she may have the right idea.

Doe Paoro studied Lhamo, a Tibetan style opera, while she traveled through Tibet over the past year. Her album, Slow to Love, was born on her return to the US, in a cabin near Syracuse, New York.

Cellist Yuri Hart and Lasse Martin (Decibel Studios) saw Doe Paoro performing her first single, “Can’t Leave You”, on Youtube. Her vocals, combined with her piano playing, prompted the two to collaborate with her. The single is now available here for download:

I was skeptical. I feel that a lot of artists state that they have gone to travel, find something new, and come back with only a different attitude–sometimes a falsified outlook.

I was pleasantly surprised by the track. It really is beautiful and serene, while emotional. It conjures up the same forest landscapes and mountaintops that come to my mind when I listen to Bon Iver. I’m curious to see if she has been influenced by Justin Vernon’s work at all.

This is the type of music that makes me miss the woods and apple orchards (I’m originally from New Hampshire and these are comforting places, darn it!), and her songs brought a smile to my face for that reason. Perhaps it was the influence of where she wrote the songs. However, there is a haunting mood settled over it.

Her album is out January 31st, titled Slow to Love.

You can also check out her cover of Future Islands’ “Little Dreamers”, which premiered on Brooklyn Vegan:

Lastly…check out her live performance (NYC debut) at Pianos (showroom) on January 3rd at 9PM. Just a hop from the F train at Ludlow Street…be there or be a regular quadrilateral!


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