Heavy Meital Glam

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Say you’re a local personality, actress…oh, yes, what’s that? Two time Israeli Oscar nominee? Magazines may or may not be donning your visage. You perform an intriguing role in a film with Chris Messina and Rashida Jones, and the film wins an award at the Tribeca Film Festival. More films, plays, a role in a hit TV show. Obtain an Israeli Tony Award. Now what?

This is the artistic history I read up on upon being introduced to Meital Dohan: comedian, actress, singer and author. She has recently delved into the music industry, something she had cited as being interested in. Upon meeting Che Pope (Dr. Dre, Lauryn Hill), she took it as a sign to get involved.

Her music video, “Yummy Boyz”, has already hit one million views, and upon viewing it I certainly did a double take. Yowza! Her comedy and acting skills are definitely going to work here, so brace yourself. I do think that some performers have reached a guise of an apex in the pop music/post modern conundrum. A little over a decade ago a lot of the popular music videos for female performers (that I remember anyhow) were dancing in school hallways, belly shirts and short skirts, or perhaps something a little different…but many close ups on the performer lip synching or at eye level throughout the entire song. Now we have Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”, Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, etc and the costume design and themes are creeping on more imaginative…which is great!

–As a side note, and as someone who was told I had kindergarten stitching abilities in junior high, can we take a moment to praise costume designers? You’re all amazing. Thank you.–

As I was a first confused by Meital’s video I appreciated the humor, the approach at being crazy for being crazy, and I feel it had some bite and comment on current pop music and art, though I could be wrong.

In her interview with Robert Herrera (Front Row Live, before a performance at The Factory in West Hollywood, November 2011) she is very honest about the video’s approach. She stated “Doing music and […] I can’t call myself a musician, (I sing) and I write music too, but (…) as crazy as you are, people love it”.

For such an outgoing performer, such a modest review of herself! I can 110% appreciate that. She’s honest and not pulling any tricks on the audience. After being hesitant from the “Yummy Boyz”video, and doing some research, I have to say she has some interesting ideas. I’d love to see more of her comedic side mixed with her music.

And if you are in the LA/Hollywood area check her out February 11 at the Music Box Theater! More tour dates to come, and in the meantime, check out her other work in film, theater, and more!



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