I Wanna Sing With Somebody!


Somebody like…Burt’s Bees? Suki shampoo?

It’s time to reflect on singing in the shower.

I have a distinct memory of singing ‘Colors of the Wind’ as a child, and after stepping out of the bathroom my mom exclaiming “I didn’t know you liked to sing!”

Bummer, she heard me!

Years later, in junior high, I found myself singing Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” in the safety of the shower. Upon leaving my sister shouted from the kitchen, “You know we can all hear you, right?”

Bummer, she heard me!

I was really glad that other girls living on my floor my freshman year at Emerson were ok with singing in the shower. It was like having a sing along without ever having to see anyone’s face. So I didn’t have to see the “oh my goodness she sounds too flat” or “why is she also singing alto, that is my part” expressions.

However the year after that I lived with all music theater pros and felt a little guilty when I would saunter over to the shower with the shower radio/cd player. I had a shower music mix, I say! Fiona Apple and Neko Case for serious days. Disney on light days.

It would all seem fine and dandy until I would emerge to hear someone belting songs from Cabaret or the like. Yeah, I was practicing too. “YOU WANT THINGAMABOBS? I’VE GO TWENTY!”

So, what is up with the acoustics in the bathroom? It creates an illusion that nobody can hear me while also hiding all the wrong notes. Or maybe that’s the Burt’s Bees talking.

I did musical theater in high school, I’ve done karaoke, but it never sounds the same. I swear, if they had a karaoke bar where the stage was in a shower stall…how would you like them apples?

But believe me…I heard many shower singers at Emerson. I know I am not alone.You must have a favorite song to sing between shampooing and conditioning, so what is it?

I like singing, but I’d rather drum. I don’t mind singing on a stage or in a studio, but I’d rather serenade the shower radio for the time being.


Thank you, Little Mermaid!




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