Xenia Dunford & the Wide Mouth Masons

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Months ago I went to play some percussion on a few songs with my sister at a benefit show she was performing in. There were countless other talented musicians there. So I am going to introduce you to one of them right now!

Xenia Dunford’s vocals: jazzy, strong, modern with classic clarity. The accompaniment, which she played herself, was warm and fitting. I later found out that she taught herself how to play piano and then jumped into songwriting.

Her song, “Shining on Somewhere”, is uplifting while making valid points with lines like “such greed and poverty/we live in sick extremes”.  However her track, “Killing Kind of Love” really stuck to me. Haunting melody, seeping lyrics,  and the piece ends beautifully. I’ve listened to it multiple times just while writing this. The voice of the song has the intensity of Fiona Apple’s “Sleep to Dream”, while the instrumentation has the careful movement of songs like Muse’s “Space Dementia”.

Her site states “Boston based singer/songwriter Xenia Dunford’s music is an eclectic mix of jazz, indie, and pop. Her unique and catchy songwriting skills are matched by a voice with an unmistakable presence and a style of playing that is all her own”.

On December 6th it was announced that she has joined forces with Forrest Pettengill (Bass), Scott Mlodzinski (Guitar), and Adam Farley (Drums) to form Xenia Dunford & the Wide Mouth Masons (now based in LA).

Lucky for all you West Coasters, they will be playing Bar Pico every Wednesday night in January. Keep rockin’ out, Xenia…and the Wide Mouth Masons, too! And don’t forget to come back to play in Boston so we can hear your new collaboration live!

For more info, check out the site:



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