Doe Paoro Video Gets It Right

Press, Review

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I love it when music videos really do a great job at conveying a song. Whenever I see a boring music video, or a video of girls shaking their booties and some guy lip syncing I wonder…really? You had so much creative potential!

Bon Iver’s ‘Calgary’. Royksopp’s ‘What Else Is There’. Blur’s ‘Coffee and TV’. Iron and Wine’s “Boy with a Coin”. Countless She and Him videos. These videos always make me feel something that is in line with the music.

A few weeks ago I reported on Doe Paoro, an up and coming artist with a hauntingly unique sound.

I know that certain songs and visuals all reach us differently based on our experiences, but despite that I don’t see how anyone can deny the artistic value in her new video.

Yes, there is now a video to accompany her track, “Can’t Leave You”. And it is just as beautiful as the song. The artistic direction, the editing, the costumes. I love this video, and I just get excited whenever I see an artist and artist’s team use their creativity like this!

The visuals take us from dark and caked in earth-possibly-to golden images and scenes that reminded me of Millais’s ‘Ophelia’. I can’t imagine a better setting for these lyrics.

You can find it at here!


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