Take a Listen to “Take Every Memory”

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I met Kaston Guffey and Nick Pankey of My Politic after a small show my sister has been performing in, and I’d jumped in with percussion for a few of her songs. At the time I just had my hi-hat and snare and hadn’t played a set in over a year. The last time I had jumped into playing after a decent hiatus was in a drum lab at Berklee, where every peer had about 10 million years ahead of me. My legs may or may not have felt like jelly (or overcooked spaghetti…you know what I mean…it gets all loosey goosey).

I didn’t even know these guys and they were incredibly helpful and encouraging, friendly and overall great to talk to. Did I mention how friendly?

I stuck around for their set and was happily surprised to hear the folk/Americana style music filling the room.

Since then I have seen them perform live a few other times and been keeping track of them via their Facebook page and am happy to announce that we are able to listen to one of their newest tracks!

From their Blog:

“We are so excited to share this with you, so I will keep the chit chat short and sweet.  This is What we have been working on for the past year up here in Boston in our living room! “Take Every Memory” is just 1 of 11 tracks we have come up with for the new album, and we sure hope you enjoy it! So, without further ado.. (I told you I would keep it short!) here it is !”

My Politic’s music is similar to the auditory landscapes of Neko Case, Neil Young, and some Dylan. They have also been collaborating with violinist/vocalist Eva Walsh and the result is pretty darn good! (Understatement). You can check out the track here:


More on My Politic to come!

You can find more info on Eva and My Politic below and at the Facebook and blog pages mentioned above.




Congrats on the new song, guys!


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