Team Me, ABCs, Circuses and Tops of Trees

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Case of the Mondays tomorrow?

Fear not!

More music videos coming your way!

First up we have Alphabet Backwards, a band that calls “Radio-friendly, but not at all vacuous”. I feel I should stress this for the Oxford, England band. Radio-friendly definitely does not mean average (math pun opportunity here!), as the band has been standing out to listeners.

The five piece band has been described as indie pop and audiences seem to be embracing the bands sound as welcoming and “a good dose of pop for all your ears” (

For me, the band’s sound reminded me of groups like The Church, a little bit of Placebo hiding in there (lightly), and yet their own sunny sound that I couldn’t find anything to compare with. It seemed familiar in a way, but I couldn’t pinpoint it. And yet I feel that occurs with music sometimes if it just sounds right, and the sound comes together really well. I’d say Alphabet Backwards have done that.

According to a recent press release, “Starting as one man and his guitar, James recruited people he enjoyed playing with; friends Paul and Josh (of the T-Mobile JoshWard84 campaign fame) and Bob Tom on keys. Josh then enlisted his sister Steph to join James on lead vocals”.

You can check out their newest video for the track “Big Top”, from the EP release British Explorer.

Big Top

More info on the band can be found at their site.

Next, we mosey on over to Norway for Team Me’s latest video from their debut album To the Treetops! The track is titled “Show Me”.

The band has already supported the Wombats for many shows and played a long list of festivals. Lists of comparable artists have included Broken Social Scene, Patrick Wolf, and Sufjan Stevens.

Q Magazine described the band as a “Much admired six-piece from Norway who are beginning to attract a lot of attention – and rightly so – for their complex, majestic pop.”

Check out the video here.


More Team Me info at their site here!

Happy Monday!



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