Rumour Has It I’ve Been Moving Pictures on Abbey Road from the Dark Side of the Moon


I just wanted to take a moment to salute the album. Many of my friends are teachers and have informed me of students who no longer know what an album is in the world of music. This may be due to the fact that all of their music is acquired via random mp3s, etc. Putting arguments about encoding and compression artifacts aside, taking pieces here and there is, in the end, sort of like having the nose to the Mr Potato Head and…yeah, just the nose.

While it is great to have the ability to just get that one track you like and forgo the rest of an album if it is not your cup of tea, what would Us and Them be without leading into Any Colour You Like? Golden Slumbers to Carry That Weight?

I know others who have had teenagers ask them who the Beatles are, or tell them that they didn’t like “that lady’s voice” while listening to Led Zeppelin. Eh?

I suppose I can understand not knowing these bands if one hasn’t been exposed to it.  I just thought Octopus’s Garden was a kid’s song, and that People Are Strange was probably just a common Halloween song, right?

But the fact that younger generations may not have experienced an album perplexed me. I didn’t have TV for a while growing up, and had been completely content to sit in my room and just listen to an album from start to finish.

I think my first album ever was a Jewel album, maybe when I was 11? My first rock album was Metallica’s Metallica, or Black Album.

What about the album art? Is that not desirable anymore?

Th albums that have stuck with me over the years…well, of course there are a lot. Even for bands I don’t listen to as much anymore. First and foremost Rush’s Moving Pictures, the Police’s Synchronicity, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours. Dark Side of the Moon, Abbey Road, and For Emma, Forever Ago. Physical Graffiti and Tidal.


Let’s keep the album alive, ok?


One thought on “Rumour Has It I’ve Been Moving Pictures on Abbey Road from the Dark Side of the Moon

  1. As you found out the other day, I’ve started the hobby of refurbishing/upgrading turntables, including yours. This definitely counts as keeping the album alive!

    PS: I think it is a lot of fun to do, so if your friends need their record players worked on, let me know.

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