Ivy League

I recently wrote about the Make–A-Wish Foundation of Alaska & Washington and how many of us take the opportunity to perform, create music, have instruments, and record for granted.

All the stories of the children involved with Make-A-Wish struck me on one or many levels. One of these stories was included in the thank you note from the organization and I was intrigued. It mentioned a girl named Ivy, who used her wish to record her original song and create a music video.

I followed the link provided and found the full length song and retro inspired video.

Ivy has an engaging voice and thoughtful lyrics. I was impressed by how much these lyrics are aimed to reach out to others and how clever the wording is.

So, when I say Ivy League, it is not just a play on words. It’s because you really can say that Ivy is in a league of her own. Fifteen at the time her song and wish story were released, she used her wish to drive an important idea home.

From the Make-A-Wish site:

“Living with brain cancer, this teen from Alaska recently spent two, 12 hour plus days shooting her very own professional music video for the song “At Ease,” which she had written and recorded prior to her diagnosis. She was inspired to write this insightful and poignant song when her teacher was sent off to war. Her song tells the beautiful story of a young couple in love who are separated by war, and their desire for peace.”

Upon reading a note from Ivy’s mom, I was moved by the determination Ivy has had for music and for going forth with communicating what is important to her. The note, also provided by Make-A-Wish, states…”when Ivy was 14, brain cancer and the treatment required to save her life conspired to take her voice. For a time she was silent, and the world was a sadder place for it”.

Well, I’m certainly glad I took a moment to take a listen to Ivy’s voice! What had started as a few minutes looking at a link from a letter turned into hours of searching for more information on Ivy after I watched the video.

You can view Ivy’s music video (and listen to her song!) here. From there you can also download the track.

Seeing the response from viewers on sites like Youtube was overwhelming. It was blatantly obvious that Ivy’s song, “At Ease”, had delivered the intended message and, on top of that, her voice and songwriting talent were a hit.

I’d like to thank Jeannette from http://northwestwishes.org/ for Make-A-Wish, and Ivy’s family for providing more info on Ivy and allowing me to gather and post this info.

Ivy, thanks for sharing your music! May all of us musicians be as thoughtful and caring as you! We can all learn a lot from you.


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