“Attention all planets of the Solar Federation”


Today was 2-1-12, so if you are a Rush fan you were free to geek out. If you’re not a Rush fan…you may have no idea what I am talking about and already set off the Nerd Alert. It’s ok, I set the Nerd Alert off more than C-3PO sets off metal detectors. Oh, did I set it off again? Actually, since C-3PO is made of replacement parts I was not able to find a definitive answer of what he is made of, and landed on a forum. The topic on hand was whether Luke should have melted C-3PO, if he is made of Gold, and sell it. The problem: Gold may not be worth anything in the GFFA.

Ok. So now that the Nerd Alert is in crisis mode…

I felt that, since this is a music blog, it would only be fitting to have a moment to honor Rush.

I remember watching Freaks and Geeks. Jason Segel’s character was listening to Rush and he and the dad (whose dad?) starting talking about drummers.

I heard Rush and thought, “Hot diggity dog, what is that?!”

I listened to the drumming and thought…I really need lessons.

If anything, it was a kick that sent me down a path that leads to here. Even on this little blog. Learned about drums, joined some bands, changed course of study in college to focus on more music, write about music, watch more musicians, make more music, work with music. I’m sure a lot of this may have happened anyway. My family is really into music, my mom is really into dance. Rhythm was always abundant. I learned to walk with bells on my feet. There ya go.

But still, that glimpse of Rush made a sharp impact on me.

Thank you, Rush! Gosh. I remember driving around in my old clunker Jeep in the summer, in the middle of nowhere New Hampshire, listening to a tape cassette of Moving Pictures. Boy, did I think I was cool!

Just kidding. I was in the theater club, pep band, and poetry club, and couldn’t get a boy to go to prom with me. I knew I wasn’t cool, duh!

But it’s ok. The geeks shall inherit the Earth.



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