Music Pile!

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I say music pile because ‘music dump’ just sounds gross and landfill-like. However, I am about to send some tunes your way.

Many artists were sent my way this week! At the moment I will introduce you to two…hold yer horses!

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I’ve been so happy to see the site stats going up, so thank you all for reading!


If you are loving the way artists like Doe Paoro and Elisapie are blending genres and fusing sounds together to orchestrate their own artistic identity, then you may want to check her music out.

Danish-African. Pop-soul.

See? Told you so!

Nabiha is set to perform at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on 2/21/12 and at Hotel Cafe in LA on 2/25/12. She’s already reached #5 on Danish pop charts with her first single, “Deep Sleep”, from her album, Cracks (the album was released in 2010). More Cracks was released as an international re-edit of her first album, with the “Trouble” as the first single to be released. The track, “Never Played the Bass” made an impact as a single and video.

Watch the video here:

She is being compared to singers like Duffy and Amy Winehouse…I’d guess she is being compared to Adele as well. But her voice has something rather different about it, so I’d be careful not to clump her in there. “Never Played the Bass” is a clever song, and the chorus definitely made me smile.

Daisy McCrackin

I first thought Daisy McCrackin looked mighty familiar, but she happens to be involved in many artistic endeavors, so that may be why.

This week her newest music video for the track “The Ladykiller’s Wife”, premiered on Popmatters.

You can view it here!

It is showing as a well received track and a very well received video. While the imagery is intense, and I almost feel as though I am viewing paintings whirl by in a somehow fast slow motion, the subject matter-as one viewer points out on the site-is important.

Daisy has performed as an actress and this is not her first album. In a press release it is also stated that “Daisy recorded thirteen live, acoustic songs for filmmaker Stefanie Schneider’s feature film, “29 Palms.” The soundtrack, “Til Death Do Us Part,” marks Daisy’s first musical release, and is available on CD and as a collector’s piece in vinyl in Germany. Daisy also stars in the film”.

Check out her Facebook page here, too:


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