Rosie and Me (And You?)

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I like the name Rosie.

Say what you will about Rosie O’Donnell, but I watched her show as a kid and she made me laugh. I love Rosie’s Bakery. A woman named Rosie worked at one of the food stops at Emerson, and she always made me smile. The name ‘Rosie’ just cheers me up. Perhaps due to its likeness to ‘rosey’. Or roses. Us Persians like rose water on everything! Salamati!


Introducing Rosie and Me!

The band is on their way to SXSW (Just like the wonderful Doe Paoro) and their newest album, Arrow of My Ways, is currently permeating through my living room. The title track is available here.

The band’s background is described on their site as the following:

“The five-piece Rosie and Me hails from southern Brazil. The band draws from their culture to enhance the country influence, which makes their sound a little more unique.
Now consisting of Rosanne Machado (vocals/acoustic guitars/banjo), Ivan Camargo (acoustic guitars), Thomas Kossar (electric guitars), Guilherme Miranda (bass guitars) and Tiago Barbosa (drums/perc), the band blends in simple, introspective lyrics with soft female vocals.”

Press releases have been comparing Rosie and Me to She and Him, Feist, and the Swell Season. I’d say the ambiance of She and Him, the dynamics of the Swell Season, and the vocal timbre of Feist. But the instrumentation and pacing is just Rosie and Me, and I was not able to file it under another band’s style. It’s folk-indie-pop, but has a country-folk tinge to it.

In 2010 Rosie and Me released Bird and the Whale. Judging by the feedback on Youtube-for each and every track-people just wanted to hear more, wanted to know where these songs came from and where they can purchase them. I only hope Arrow of My Ways does the same if not more so. I think it’ll happen.

Rosie and Me! What do you think?

Here is their site.

For now I think I will just listen to their track, “Southern Home”, and drift away…



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