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If you are not sick of my puns yet, I applaud you. But I sincerely hope you appreciate them! In addition, if you are enjoying these posts or whatnot, please ‘like’ the page on Facebook for more artist tidbits, and follow on Twitter!

So, to the point: Annalise Emerick and Eva Walsh.

Last time I posted a ‘Music Pile’ as just a passing thought, to mix in a few artists into one post. It seemed pretty well received, though, so I thought I’d do it again!

I’ve been going back to folk music this week and there are two local artists I’d like to highlight.

First-just a quick hello to My Politic. They’ve introduced me to more music that I love and are really great to see live. I think it’s wonderful when bands can introduce you to other musicians through cover songs…but as a band themselves, My Politic is a very honest and down to earth group to see perform, chat with…you get the idea!

Eva Walsh

Since following My Politic, I have been following Eva Walsh, who sometimes performs with them.

From her site:

“Eva Walsh is a 23 year old classical violinist turned singer/songwriter, fiddler and multi-instrumentalist based in Boston, MA. As the daughter of two public school music teachers in Minnesota, she started violin lessons at the age of 5. Over the years, Eva developed into a competitive classical violinist, but while studying violin performance at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, she strayed from her classical roots and began to explore folk, americana, jazz, indie & pop music through songwriting and performance in “Music City”

…To this date, she’s recorded two full-length homemade albums, has a 3-song studio EP and is in the process of recording her first in-studio album, release TBD.  In less than a year in the Boston music scene, Eva has become a fiddler and vocalist in demand and performs frequently with bands and solo artists in addition to her own solo material…”

Credit: Leah Feeney/

Despite the fact that she has been conquering the folk scene-Midwest Fiddle Championship, Chicago Folk and Roots Festival main stage, to name a few-she is incredibly versatile. Check out her cover of Lelia Broussard’s “Hipster B*tch“.

And something else to just blow you away to the next galaxy: Going Home (Dvorak-New World Symphony, fiddle and voice arr. Eva Walsh)

Well. Yikes, where did I put my box of tissues?

Ahem. I just had some really spicy soup. Or that piece just made me really ferklempt. You decide.

Eva is currently recording an album. You can donate on her site!

Annalise Emerick

I stopped by Think Tank Bistro in Cambridge on Tuesday after work. My sister was performing, along with an artist that was new to me, Annalise Emerick!

Hailing from Austin, Texas, and having been performing in Nashville, Tennessee, Annalise arrived in Boston and has been performing constantly.

Catching her at Think Tank, she had a very serene and warm presence, and was very friendly and approachable after the show. As you may have noticed, I find it very important when a performer is also a gracious audience member and cheerful peer at venues. I’ve seen some performers let the show get to their head, and it’s just simply nice when you meet performers who captivate an audience and share the audience at once, if you know what I mean.

After speaking to Annalise about her familiarity with country and folk music, hearing her speak to others about her musical background-she attended Belmont University in Tennessee-I looked her up when I got home.

I recommend checking out her album, Starry-Eyed. I especially enjoyed the very anthem-like ‘This Love Won’t Break Your Heart’ and the bright and sharp ‘You Win’.

Credit: Kailey Seymour

You can catch Annalise Emerick next at The Funky Monkey Cafe and Gallery this Saturday, Feb 25, at 7 PM. For more shows check out her Facebook and Sonicbids!

Thank you all for reading! I am constantly reminded of how important it is to help other musicians and to listen to new artists and their ideas. We are lucky to express ideas-whether it be social issues, loved ones, or comedy-through art. To reference something I read today, “Earth without art is eh”.

I also read a quote from Katy Perry today referencing the fact that even ‘fart’ has ‘art’ in it. She is right, but let’s not contemplate that too much.


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