It’s Awesome Being Green

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…especially on St. Patrick’s Day!

Patron saints aside, what does this have to do with music?

I find leprechauns to be incredibly creepy and bothersome. I don’t eat corned beef. Not a fan of soda bread or beer. Realizing this had me a little worried, considering my mom is half Irish and my Grandpa Frank was known to dance to Irish jigs atop kitchen tables. Rumor has it that all men in that family were named Frank before Grandpa Frank, all the way back to the Sheriff of Dublin. I’ve been told I have inherited the “Irish cheeks” and that these babies will stay afloat through hell and high water, which explains why I look like a chipmunk in many childhood photos.

So I want to love many things Irish.

Well, green is my favorite color! I love potatoes- a lot. And…what? Irish music?

One of the many wonderful things to appreciate about any culture is the music. But discussing Irish music often leads to mentions of U2 and the Dropkick Murphys. If one more person tells me that they are ‘shipping up to Boston’ for the day’s festivities I may have to ship myself on out.

There is much to be said about Irish folk and classical music, and the fiddle is a beautiful instrument, but I’m aiming for mainstream here (ack I know, I know!).

The Cranberries

Hello, 90s! I know. But the group recently has been making music again, so that statement is not 100% accurate.

A little while ago I was working on something Cranberries related and listened to some of their older tracks. It was nostalgic, but at the time that i had listened to them the most, I hadn’t analyzed the lyrics so much-until I listened to Zombie. Personally, I’d rather listen to the Cranberries than U2, but to each his own. Dolores has a beautiful voice to boot!

The Frames

I recently wrote about Once, the story that catalyzed much love for Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. Yet Hansard was active in The Frames long before Once started production. The band formed in 1990 and the band’s ex-bassist, John Carney, wrote and directed Once. The band utilizes Hansard’s great voice, steady percussion, and accents from the violin, which elevate the sound completely. It may sound cliche, but if you enjoyed Once, you should definitely check out the Frames. They also have a great rendition of another one of my favorites, ‘Into the Mystic’.

Damien Rice

Where did you, where did you go? Having listened to Rice’s music before, I was surprised at how popular he seemed to be once the film Closer came out. Rice’s last album, 9, was released in 2006, and I have seen a lot of Damien Rice fans migrate to Bon Iver over the past few years…but they haven’t forgotten! I can’t tell you how many times I listened to O my freshman year of college. My poor roommate was probably ready to personally find the Blower’s Daughter and send her to Mars so we could all stop singing about her. Blower’s Daughter, you’re still breakin’ our hearts!

Van Morrison

Saved my favorite for last!

I can’t really get into ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ or ‘Moondance’ but the album, Moondance, is one of my favorites. ‘Into the Mystic’ is such a great song, covered by many, but never seems trite to me. I never see Van Morrison mentioned on St Patrick’s Day, and it’s about time! This album always brings a smile to my face and the singer’s personality shines right through. I love the ending of ‘Caravan’. “Turn it up, that’s enough, so you know it’s got soul”.

So Happy St Patrick’s Day to you! And have some fun being green today-whether it be Irish or environmentally conscious or both.

It’s likely I will give this day as an excuse to eat some potatoes and green desserts, like this great cupcake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine (126 Rivington St  New York, NY)

Sugar Sweet Sunshine! Credit Farah Joan Fard

Or the glorious naturally green things in life, like this kiwi:

Kiwi/Farah Joan Fard

May the sun shine warm upon your face. 🙂


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