Lonely Streets Leaves Lovely Tunes

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Xenia Dunford has a new EP! She is now performing with Scotty Mlodzinski on guitar, Forrest Pettengill on bass, and Adam Farley on drums, forming Xenia Dunford and the Eastern Exile.

New tracks from the set, titled Lonely Streets, are available on iTunes and Bandcamp. Blending pop and roots music together, Xenia Dunford and the Eastern Exile have produced a string of melodies and narratives applicable to many settings and individuals.

Upon taking a listen I thought…”well, this reminds me of New England. Well, no this has a slight Southern feel. No, I hear California here”. The great thing about this is that I was wrong and the songs displayed on this EP represent thoughts and emotions more than a place, in my opinion.

Many of the tunes, like “Every Now and Again” and “High and Dry” had a very 1970s rock/folk feel to them, and a tinge of modern pop. Piercing lyrics at times combined with wonderful accents from the Eastern Exile. While “High and Dry” stung a little, “Best I Ever Had” was charming and warm.

It’s been noted that all musicians in the group bring a different genre of music to the table, which creates a nice fusion of sound and styles, without sounding forced or overdone.

The band has also included a recent promo video on their Facebook page…get to know the band a little bit better and learn about the musicians!


Thanks for sharing, Xenia!




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