Great Scott! It’s Doe Paoro in Boston!

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Doe Paoro. Photo credit Anjia Jalac.

The moment I’ve been waiting for! Doe Paoro is going to be performing in Boston, at Great Scott in Allston, on May 6th.

I did a happy dance and then realized I will be in Los Angeles then, to which I let out a Yosemite Sam type ‘Ooh!’, because this is a bummer.

Nevertheless, Doe Paoro plans on performing in Boston again in the future. That being said, this is sure to be an out of this world performance.

To prep y’all for this experience, I caught up with Sonia Kreitzer, ghost soul songstress of Doe Paoro.

Farah Joan Fard: What do you think is key to getting a gig? Twitter/Facebook followers, videos or audio of performances, reviews?

Doe Paoro: Obviously an enormous following will always guarantee you the gig but I geniunely believe that the bottom line is if the music is there, the gig will come.

FJF: People seem to love the album, rightfully so! Was there a lot more involved in producing the album than you expected? For example, licensing music?

DP: Thanks! Definitely a lot more than I expected; I’ve been getting schooled in music biz 101 this year. There are two chapters to every album– the first being whats goes into making it and the second being what happens to the music once you give it away. This is really my first experience in my music having a life of it’s own beyond me and that has been amazing to watch it unfurl. And yes, there is for sure a lot of other work that goes into making that happen that I knew nothing about before!

FJF: What advice do you have for musicians who don’t quite fit the bill for certain genres? I think it is sometimes tough to get gigs because of this.

DP: As an artist, it’s your responsibility to be true to yourself. If that means creating something that doesn’t quite fit a genre, then you have to honor that and get excited about creating something that people haven’t heard before. There is a lot to be said about performing in unconventional spaces…so maybe the music doesn’t fit in a “club,” but it works in a museum or you create some sort of experience in a public space. It’s more work but ultimately creating something fresh brings it’s own joy.

FJF: How did you find out you were in the ‘brilliant’ side of New York Magazine’s approval matrix? I was jumping up and down with excitement when I saw!

DP: Haha, us too! someone from the photo dept at NYM emailed me asking for a picture . I was freaking when I saw where they placed us on the matrix.

FJF: Most exciting moment so far?

DP: Might be a tie between playing SXSW and playing on FuseTV. There have been some magic moments for us this year, I’m ridiculously grateful.

You can check out tickets here:
And be sure to follow Doe Paoro on Facebook and Twitter!

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