It’s Another Music Pile! Keaira LaShae, Brigg Fair, and more!

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Whew, it’s about time for another music pile, wouldn’t you say?

I’ve had a lot of music showing up all around LaParadiddle, so we may just hit the tip of the iceberg here.

Music iceberg, straight ahead!

Let’s get started.

Keaira LaShae

Keaira LaShae

I’ve been introduced to the music of Keaira LaShae. Upon landing on her site, one may be perplexed. Athletic model? New member of the Justice League? LaShae strikes a sporty pose, while the city looms behind her.

Well, those guesses aren’t really correct…but not entirely wrong. LaShae is an accomplished fitness instructor and choreographer, and her superpower is that she is a singer/songwriter!

This is no Jane Fonda. Check out her dance tutorials…keeping up is another thing.

You know what else I am loving right now, after just spending so much time interviewing and writing about Karmin? I am loving these great ‘go get ’em’ success stories of talented artists who truly kicked some butt and are getting noticed for it. Just reading Keaira LaShae’s artist bio reminded me of this. I recommend you read it, as I don’t feel I can truly sum up its awesomeness.

I randomly picked her track, ‘Frankie’, out of all listed on her site and immediately enjoyed the Arabic flavor infusing the modern beat. LaShae’s voice doesn’t get in the way of the music, and exudes confidence and personality. ‘Superhero’, another track, is available for free.

According to her bio-which you should still read the rest of, I mean it!-Keaira LaShae is “a professional choreographer, songwriter, and dance and fitness instructor, Keaira LaShae strives to promote female empowerment, human equality, and nonviolence through every facet of her career. She is the ultimate Superhero”. Go get ’em!

Brigg Fair

Listening to the band called Brigg Fair, I heard a bit of Coldplay in there, with a little bit of the Shins.

Did you know that Brigg Fair is actually the name of an English folk song? Clever, what they did there. I noticed this in a press release, only after looking up the Roud Folk Song Index. Ah, silly Farah, should have finished reading their bio first!

Their music video for the track titled ‘Last Surrender’ felt a little eerie to me, or perhaps that was the instrumentation.

The band was formed by musician Geoff Ereth, and the band soars in the genre of indie rock and power pop.

I was hesitant to listen to the track titled ‘Jolene’, but it was not a Dolly Parton cover-which, in my opinion, is a tricky one to pull off-but an original, Beatles-esque song of devotion.

Brigg Fair’s album, Kill Yourself For Change, conjures up a few more twists. The title track mixes brightness and a bit of melancholy, while ‘I Gave You Blood’ offers rather blunt lyrics and a clear ambiance.

You can watch the video to ‘Last Surrender‘ here and visit their site!

What are your thoughts on Keaira LaShae and Brigg Fair?

Lastly, I was told that the video for ‘I Told You So’ (Karmin) would be out soon, and here it is!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A little spooky, and some retro horror vibes going on here. Do you think it matches the song well?


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