Music Pile! In Fear of Olive and Hannah Judson

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Long weekend=lots of music and lounging, right?

Well, here are a few new artists to keep you company!

Hannah Judson

I often try and listen to French music too keep up with my French, but it seems Judson has done a good job of balancing both, making my job a little easier!

Her musical feel is reminiscent of Heather Nova, an artist I wish we still heard more of here in the United States. However, in the video above, Judson mentions being influenced by all sorts of music–even opera, classical, and baroque!

One can tell that Judson has a vast cultural knowledge, and it is present in her compositions.

Hannah Judson is originally from Chicago, but has found a home in Paris, France. A gutsy move, and it seems to be working. She will soon be performing her original folk/rock songs in the red velvet room at the Théâtre La Cible. Her set of seven summer concerts opens on June 10. You can check out the venue here and her site here.

Interestingly enough, with the women in music post I plan on doing, Judson also blogs about women in music in Paris. Intéressant à lire, oui?

In Fear of Olive

First of all…what an awesome band name!

In Fear of Olive

Second, I think if My Politic and In Fear of Olive played together, we’d have an awesome folk/roots musical meltdown.

The above track (In Roseanne’s Town), from their EP titled Saluting Magpies, brings to mind the instrumentation of DeVotchka and the vocals of Fiction Plane’s Joe Sumner. The track had its first play on BBC Radio 2 in early May, and recently had their latest single, ‘Love’s Grown Wild’, reviewed on BBC’s Roundtable.

Oh, yes, did I mention that the band hails from England? Darn, what is with all the talent over there? Does it pour out of the clouds?

I took a listen to ‘Love’s Grown Wild’ and I just love the vocals, the energy, and the full sound of the band.Yes, the track incorporates folk and rock and roll, but it’s not a regurgitated sound. Good lyrics seal the deal.

The band consists of:

Jake Cope: Vocals/Guitar
France Lahmar: Bass/Vocals
P.J. Burdett:: Guitar/Vocals
Arv Teeroovengadum: Drums/Vocals

Take a listen to ‘Love’s Grown Wild’ here.

Lastly, I was going to post one of Sarah Fard‘s videos but she doesn’t have a video of her version of ‘No Regrets’ yet, and a lot of people seem to like it, so here it is, audio style!

Hopefully will have some more videos of her original tunes soon! I will be on the drums for her show in June!

And-shameless plug-next Friday I will be sitting in on the drums for 33 Leaves at the All Asia!

Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to sing in the car/shower/on stage/while you do the dishes! I know I won’t.


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