July’s Music Pile

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I have received a TON of EPs and music links, and my apologies for not reviewing sooner. I think it’s about time we review some of these, don’t you?

Also, don’t forget! The Women In Music poll is still going on, and the numbers are pretty tight. I have decided to leave voting open until August 1 and you can vote once a day. Cast your vote, I say!

Rachel Brotman

It was a rainy Saturday when I sat down to take a listen to Rachel Brotman, and the music that poured from my speakers was perfect for a cozy, rain day.

I especially like this track, Only, recorded at New York’s popular venue, The Living Room.

Brotman’s vocals glide over the music. Smooth and soulful, as well as jazzy, but all done in a way that seems effortless. Or perhaps effortless is the incorrect word to use, as I know there is a lot of talent involved. Whatever Rachel Brotman and fellow musicians are doing, they are naturals. Another Brooklyn based gem! I think I repeated all of her tracks for hours before I had to leave my apartment!

Rachel Brotman (vocals, piano)
Yago Vazquez (piano)
Thomas Eskew (bass)
Anthony Taddeo (drums, vocals)

Check out more tracks at her Bandcamp page!

Twin Bears

After reviewing In Fear of Olive, I was reminded of another Sheffield, UK, band.

If you like The Strokes, Sleeper Agent, or Stereophonics, you should probably give Twin Bears a shot! While tracks are varied-the band definitely mixes it up and steers from the same old song formula, a definite plus-they are often upbeat.

Their EP, Angel Bread, was released in June and you can listen for free here!

Michael Owen (Vox/Guitar)
Jamie Wilson (Guitar/Backing Vox)
Matt Owen (Drums)
Jack Shipman (Bass)

Andi Kristins

This was a recent music plunge for me. Kristins is definitely tapping into the Ellie Goulding/Robyn pop style. As much as I’d like not to throw a Bjork comparison in there, I can’t help it. I say I would like to say otherwise because I feel many will assume I say this because both are Icelandic. This is not why I make this comparison. Both Kristins and Bjork utilize catchy song hooks, pop feels, and dips and bends in their vocals. Both skirt on the edge of some creative weirdness (I don’t mean this in a bad way) which you can see in the video for the track titled Magic.

Andi Kristins, shot by http://www.nicolefarasilver.com


I really enjoy Fleetwood Mac. You know how it is when you really like a band…cover songs are highly scrutinized.

Railbird’s cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘That’s All for Everyone’ is GOOD. They took it into their own hands and sculpted it into a song with a new, different personality.

You can download their newest track, the ethereal ‘Jump Ship’, here. The band, featuring Sean Rowe and Sarah Barthel from Phantogram, is currently playing a residency at Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg.

Railbird at the 4th Annual Roots Picnic. Photo by Eric Ashleigh for WXPN.

That’s all for now-short and sweet! I think these links should be sufficient to help you peruse today’s musical offerings. Let me know what you think! And don’t forget to vote!


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