Concert Contest & Music Poll Winner

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It may not be the Olympics here at LaParadiddle, but there is still some competition going on.

First thing. Women In Music Poll.

I do want to say that I think all of these musicians are amazing, and I was hesitant to do the series in general. Why? Because sometimes I feel that doing a series based on music and gender creates a bigger divide. However, after seeing others interested in seeing a list after I commented on the Elle Magazine list, I felt compelled to do so. There are many, many more musicians who could have been featured. As one reader pointed out, I missed Marina and the Diamonds, a great Welsh artist. There are so many, and I’d love to hear from others…who did you want to see featured?

Kimbra, Fiona Apple, and Doe Paoro were neck and neck in this poll for the longest time. As in, down to the decimal percentage. Yikes!

However, our winner is…

Amy Heidemann, Karmin, at GMA Summer Concert Series. Photo from

Amy Heidemann!

Also, can we all agree that this photo is a great example of awesome rock/pop diva stance?

I told you that the winner of the poll gets a feature, so that’s what we are in store for. I’m working on seeing if we can get some interview time, but it’s a crazy busy summer, so we shall see how that goes.

Second thing. Free tickets to the Mercury Lounge.

But you have to win them. Railbird. Follow on Twitter to enter. New York music. Go.


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