Popcorn, Contest, and Music About Food

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I love popcorn. It can be healthy, it can be unhealthy. I’ve made it on the stove, the microwave, bought it in a bag already popped, made it over a Bunsen burner (worked quite well).  I think my roommates at Emerson College saw me eat a horrifying amount of popcorn, to which I am sorry. C-Store: “Your popcorn, give them to me”. Ths is also where one of my friends informed me of ‘popcorn lung’.

Likewise, I love ‘stuff’ from the 60s and 70s. Many of my first album collections were soundtracks-film scores and more. Now and Then? Check. Andre the Seal? Yup, I went through a pretty heavy Golden Oldies music phase in early elementary school.

Does anyone remember this 1999 film? Being a kid obsessed with all history from this time period, I of course went to see it, loved the costumes, had the soundtrack. This is where I was introduced to the song called ‘Popcorn’ by Hot Butter. This song was originally created by Gershon Kingsley on Music to Moog By, and ( I think) has a really interesting background to the title of the song.

Anyhow, this leads me to two things.

1) I cannot hear that song without thinking that George McCrae’s ‘Rock Your Baby’ comes right after it. (thank you, 1999!)

2) Popcorn even makes a great song. Kernels flying through the air!

Due to this and my recent discovery of Pop Karma, I decided that a food/song contest would be fun! I had a lot of fun with the Railbird contest. Ready for something different?

Pop Karma is a new, gourmet, Manhattan-based popcorn shop. And the people behind Pop Karma are super awesome…and friendly enough to collaborate with me on this contest!

Here are the rules. I’m keeping it simple this time.

Image courtesy of Pop Karma

There are tons of songs about food. Follow on Twitter, tweet me your favorite song that has to do with food (oink oink!). I’ll pick a winner by next Friday! I’ll give the name to the awesome folks at Pop Karma and you will receive a delicious Big Karma Keeper. (And they are refillable, so the winner can bring it in for refills!)

NOTE: I should have clarified…winner may pick up the prize at Pop Karma for optimal freshness! So, New Yorkers, this is a big wink in your direction. Non New Yorkers, we can work it out.

Pop Karma is located on the lower east side at 95 Orchard Street (between Broome and Delancey). Support local businesses!

Questions? Comments? Leave them here or on Twitter…or on Facebook!


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