Leftover Cuties Giveaway

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Yes, during my last contest I was approached to do another giveaway. But before we get started…

I have a long overdue music pile coming up, an interview with Bohème, and more, so stay tuned!

Ok. Hope you’re ready for this one!

Remember this ad from the Olympics?

The song, “Smile Big”, is by the Leftover Cuties. Not to be redundant, but it does give me a big smile. Especially since their style of music reminds me of the stuff I have been performing and recording with my sister, and it is incredibly nice to see this genre making its way out there.

You can download “Smile Big” here. Boy, I love this sound! Don’t make me dance! Who am I kidding, nobody needs to make me dance.

Their previous album, Places To Go was produced by Tony Berg (Peter Gabriel, Pete Yorn). They are currently in the studio with Jake Sinclair (Weezer, Butch Walker, Pink) and plan to release a new album early next year.

Photo courtesy of the Leftover Cutie’s Facebook page

The Leftover Cuties are:

Shirli McAllen: velvety vocals

Austin Nicholsen: hoppin’ awesome bass

Stuart Johnson: kickin’ it up at the drums

Mike Bolger: keys, horns, accordion…it’s a fantastic blend from the past with modern pizazz.

Their track, “Game Called Love” is featured in Showtime’s The Big C.

Where does this leave you, other than loving it?

I’m giving away two CDs and making it easy for you! Follow and retweet sometime between now and August 31st for a chance to win. If you’re already following and would like to be entered, just give me a shout out on Twitter!

Now I must find a muted horn and buy some new jazz brushes.


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