Treats for the End of 2012

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No, no, I don’t mean the ‘end of 2012’ because some individuals believe the world is ending tomorrow. And, plus, the world can’t end tomorrow…it’s the birthday of two of my best friend’s tomorrow, so we have to stick around.

I haven’t posted much lately and I don’t want to completely drop the ball here. I’d also like to say thank you to everyone who has followed along, participated in interviews, surveys, and contests, and been supportive. I’ve been running this blog for a teeny bit over a year now and truly appreciate it. Creativity, writing, and music are great outlets and I’m glad I have them-and you guys-available!

Before 2013 runs up on us, though, I just thought I’d sort of drop some findings here to wrap up the year. Not really a music pile, but just some bites to keep you going.

First up, the lovely Eva Walsh is back, and she wrote a holiday song.

Maybe it’s the New Hampshire calling in me, but the fiddle in this makes me think of a snowy forest, with a cabin, and it smells like wood stove. Ah. I wish to go to there.

Speaking of awesome videos, have you been introduced to Darlingside? On top of the awesome fact that this track includes lyrics that say ‘sci-fi’ and ‘nebula’, this video is beautiful. Beautiful.

My gosh, get me any more ferklempt with these videos and we’ll be having Linda Richman over for coffee.

Remember Rachel Brotman? I still hope to get my stuff together and interview her, since she has such an interesting background and her sound is really great. If you haven’t taken a listen, well…go do that, will you? It’s soulful, it’s jazzy. It’s snazzy. The songs move so well within the genre; I was pleasantly surprised when I first listened to her stuff.


Brotman has an EP release show happening on January 22nd, so mark your calendars now. I’m bummed that I am leaving the city two days before the show so I won’t make it. Therefore, may I live through someone else? Vicariously? The show is at Rockwood Music Hall (stage 2), at 8:30 PM. Boom. There you go.

Rachel Brotman

Rachel Brotman

I’ve also been introduced to Erica Gibson. Pop, electro, mixed with retro soul. What you say? Check her out-she posts a lot of awesome music theory references, too, and if that makes me sound nerdy then that’s too bad.

Erica Gibson

Erica Gibson

There were so many musicians featured in the past year, and so many more that I had the pleasure of meeting, performing with, or networking with.

Thank you everyone-and thank you also to the other writers, businesses, and talented individuals who lent a hand.

What was your favorite music discovery of 2012? Share here or Tweet @LaParadiddle! I’m ready to share your thoughts!


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