I Hope I Get It (The Audition Project)

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Auditions are funny. Or upsetting. Or amazing. I’ve had my share of auditions that ended in tears. Some seemed so awful and then produced a callback. Some that seemed great and were given the guillotine. Some that were more awkward than Elaine Marie Benes trying to dance at a party. So many things I wish I had known going into them (Oh, we’re going to do an improvisational solo from a jazz piece in who-knows-what meter? Have you seen an armadillo run the Boston Marathon?), and so many things I saw later, working auditions, that I wish I could have intervened on.

Here’s a project–I’m going to call it The Audition Project. I’m hoping to gather stories and advice to post here, for prospective auditioning individuals and more. Have an audition story? Acting, music, you name it. Working the audition, the one auditioning, etc. Are you someone who manages auditions, and you have something important to say to those wanting to audition? Funny stories, gratifying stories-I’d like to hear yours!

X Dance, Emerson College

X Dance, Emerson College

Update March 20, 2013

We’re getting some stories here! Thank you so much to Max from Citywide Blackout for submitting his story. Keep the ball rolling, everyone! You can post your story here in the comments section or email me at Farahjoan at LaParadiddle.com!

A friend had put the word out that she was holding auditions for a horror movie. We had worked together on a couple of projects, and I figured if she was involved, it had to be awesome. I took a look at the script samples and decided to give it a shot. I ran through the lines a bunch of times, both in my head and aloud, and figured I was ready to go. I was wrong. So very, very, wrong.
    The big day comes and I make my down to Rhode Island, where the auditions were being held. I felt pretty confident going into this, since I love horror films and had spent a good chunk of time getting ready. I greeted my friend and the others who were working on the film and got ready to read the lines.
    I completely blanked on them, and the result was an ad-libbed train wreck of an audition. I finally, mercifully got through it, thanked them for their time, though I could tell from their expressions that I wasn’t likely to get a call-back.
    This was my first audition, and while it royally, painfully sucked, it was a good learning experience, and hasn’t dampened my desire to get into acting someday. Just not today.

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