LaParadiddle’s (Hopeful) Purpose & Pursuit

Music Business

Pick up an instrument. Form a band. Join the honors jazz choir. Get a scholarship. Fail an audition. Have a backup plan. Master ear training. Music production. Music business. Licensing and publishing. Performance. Music journalist. Music educator. Music therapist. Play gigs on the side. Give lessons. Go on tour. Record a hit single.

The possibilities go on. I was asked about what options there are for integrating music with one’s career when I had just graduated from Emerson College, and was substitute teaching in a chorus class. I’d been thinking about my course of action, having had no luck finding a full time job at the time (with a degree in Media Production and Music), and had been looking at all avenues of the arts. Recently, I’d been asked about this topic again, which prompted me to narrow the focus of this blog some more.

Sure, when you’re researching, networking, or creating, you see what is out there. But what are the stories behind the facts, lists, and links?

My goal is for LaParadiddle to cover all walks of life, so to speak, involved in this crazy industry. So, for anyone who was like me growing up, or like any of the young people who have reached out with questions, you can find examples and stories from real people who also find themselves striving for the same thing-working with music.

Check out some of the stories I’ve already etched out via guest bloggers, personal essays, interviews, and profiles. Below are some professions or topics I’ve already touched on (linked), and some that I am aiming for (listed but not yet linked).

Mix engineer (Andrew Dawson: Kanye West, Beyonce)

Performer-from Youtube to collaborating with Justin Vernon (Doe Paoro)

Being laid off

Communications pro/documentary maker turned Inuit polar pop sensation (Elisapie)

Emerson College theater grad/Nashville musician (Anna Haas)

Vanderbilt University alum, classical violinist, folk pop musician (Eva Walsh)

Creating a musical background separate from your other career (Steph Barrak)

Youtube sensation Karmin-from Boston to Rolling Stone

Rethink Music 2012

Getting your music on TV (My Politic)

Music-hobby? Career? Studies?

Producing your own music (Boheme)

Choosing music as a career and starting a music festival (Alyson Greenfield)

Boston band branches out (Gentlemen Hall)

60s rock musician turned actor (Creed Bratton)

Opera singer

Foley artist

Film composer

Music teacher

Pop song writer

Music therapist



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