A Call to ‘Inspire Art’: A Guest Post by Sarah Fimm

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As an artist who sources inspiration from her grandmother ( a Holocaust survivor), tradition, and artists as varied as Leonard Cohen and Alice and Chains, Sarah Fimm is hard to peg. I can’t tell how I want to describe her music. Bjork? A Perfect Circle? A voice akin to a disciplined Florence Welch? Toris Amos influence for sure. Fimm studied at Berklee College of Music, focusing on electronic and world music. Her first album was released in 2001, and she went on to tour with Bauhaus in 2005, and Delerium in 2009.

As a focused musician, she has been constantly creating-and collaborating. Her projects are a call to action. For one, INSPIRE is an initiative “meant to encourage others to create music, art, and forms of creative expression for inspiring change in the world of human rights.”

For another, Fimm is dedicated to bringing together artists from around the world. In a world of networking, her project is ambitious, yet in touch with the current state of creativity and media the industry feeds off of. This is Powered by Dreaming.

Powered by Dreaming

A guest blog post by Sarah Fimm

About seven years ago, I met David Baron at the Edison hotel in NYC. I wound up going to David’s studio in Woodstock. The minute I surfed the stars with my eyes from the old wooden porch, and a room full of noisemaking devices brimming with analog synthesizers, I knew I was home. As time went on, I learned that there was a community of creative visionaries here, unlike anything I had experienced before. David and I created several albums together, and the musicians who have come to play on them have all had a huge influence on my life. I’ve had the opportunity to really spend time with these legendary people and I realized – my purpose is not just to make music, but also to create meaningful bridges between creative human beings in this world. Working with David, and the musicians that followed – I became aware that bringing together brilliant minds tends to create more than the sum of its parts. The result of merging extraordinary gifts, although unpredictable, is part of the necessary interchange for a prosperous community. I developed an unquenchable thirst for the exploration of humanity, art, music, and how to bring them together to form new roads by working together.

The presence of these musicians and artists was a powerful catalyst in the inception of ‘Inspire Art’- a group of talented dreamers, artists and thinkers, who want to use their talents to share, elevate each other’s work, create inspiration and fight for human rights.  As I speak with people, utilizing the awesome power of the internet to connect us, I feel like I can see the ways that their talents overlap to complement one another. It gives me a vast sense of joy to see them lifting each other, creating, and reflecting each other’s spark. I felt an overwhelming urge to create a physical representation of this beauty that was happening in the virtual world, and still do.


Last summer, the first Sparkle Park came to life. I sewed 5,000 mirrors together, assembled 500 multi-colored solar hummingbirds, and created a massive field of rainbows where people could become lost and found. I watched as faces turned from angry adults to wondering, wandering children as they crossed over the green grass into the illuminated world. As they came in, I would hand each visitor a pair of ‘sparkle glasses’. The intensity of the color would overtake them, allowing them to forget that I was even there. I kept paint-pens, glue, and small jewels nearby and all of the children visiting ended up decorating the mirrors. Many people showed up with a loved one in a wheelchair. Musicians came to play.  Writers floated in from the parking lot to find a quiet spot to let loose the words. We wrote the words of the ‘Inspire Artists’ and great poets of the ages on the mirrors in glow-in-the-dark paint. It was like magic. It suddenly seemed so easy, that I couldn’t believe it – change the way the environment speaks to the visitor, thereby altering the state of the visitor’s mind. All they were really seeing were reflections, but somehow it became a window into a deeper understanding. Memories were awoken. I could hear them being re-lived. People leaving the park would stop me in tears, grab my arm, and just say, ‘Thank you.’ The children would just completely lose their minds, and then when it came time, they would cry once they had to leave. You knew every person had gone through something incredible, but you really didn’t know what, because it was different for everyone. All it is – is reflections.  The more people were willing to see, the more they actually did. I was fascinated, because of course, I had never done anything like this before.

On June 30th, we had a show at the Bearsville Theater. Dozens of musicians and artists banded together to make it happen. Through this celebration, the donations received at the Sparkle Park, and the good people of SEVA.org, we were able to restore the eyesight of about 60 people with one musical celebration.  This was my first opportunity to become acquainted with Julie Nestingen from SEVA. I knew immediately after speaking with her, that I was dealing with people who were true heroes, and active supporters of the arts.  I was also deeply moved by the musicians that came out that night to donate their time to this wild new idea. With just a few reflective objects, solar lights, music, art and hope, we transformed a vision into action, and now 60 people might be able to see their children, work again, or see a rainbow. That night, the Sparkle Park became a living, breathing idea – a conduit brought to life by the people who believed in it. Its evolution provided a bridge for merging the dreamers, in a setting ripe for inspiration to flourish.

These are just some of the events forming the fabric of what will culminate in “Powered by Dreaming” this spring May 28th- May 31st, at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY – just one half hour west of Woodstock. (http://www.poweredbydreaming.com)

The people that form this unique upcoming collaboration are the musicians, thinkers, dreamers, scientists, poets, and people of vision and character that strive to create new roads in this world. Let’s stretch our minds and turn dreams into reality. Let’s make tomorrow come! Let’s fill the landscape of the future with music, art, hope, education, inspiration, and the possibility of a sustainable future on this planet for all of us.


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