Public Service Announcement for Boston

I’m going to say right now that this post is not about music, but it’s very important.

I have a ton of blog posts ready to go-interviews, personal essays, etc. But this week has been a nightmare for many people I know, care about, interact with…and the city I live in. Promoting stories and writing here just didn’t seem right when everyone was glued to the news, grieving with loved ones, or otherwise in a daze. I myself felt my attention span was somewhat out this past week.

I don’t want to give details about where I live or work, because I don’t think a blog is a smart place to give that information, but I was very close to some of the events that took place surrounding the Boston Marathon tragedy.

This is not music related but it is important. There are many charities that have been set up. These are three that hit me the most directly, and I’d like to share them here in order to spread the word.

The Webb & Norden Recovery Fund

I was very sorry to learn that my coworker was at the Boston Marathon blast site, with her sister and friends. Her sister suffered from burns and the other two unfortunately each lost a leg.  A Facebook page has been set-up for updates and donation info:

Individual donations can be sent to a new fund set up by the family that go directly to the Webb/Norden recovery fund. 
The URL is: if you want to share with your family and friends.  To donate without paypal, donations can be mailed directly to StonehamBank C/O Jacqui Webb, Paul Norden, JP Norden Recovery Fund. 80 Montvale Ave Stoneham MA, 02180.

The Richard Family Fund

My friend babysat Martin and his sister. He wrote a beautiful piece here, with info on how to help this family. There are no words to express this loss.

Bucks for Bauman

I’m sure you have seen the photo from the marathon, with the young man being wheeled away by Carlos Arredondo. I will not link to this image due to how graphic it is. It will haunt me forever. This young man’s name is Jeff Bauman, and he sadly lost both legs. He also is cited as identifying one of the suspects.

Bauman worked at the Costco back in NH, where I grew up. I urge you to check out the fundraising page!

I know we will all have our own causes, and there is also the wonderful One Fund Boston. I just wanted to share these three causes that really hit home for me.

I’ll be back soon with some music stories, but let’s take a breather.

Be kind to one another.

Thank you, all!



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