Creative Outlets Keeping Us Afloat


The past year of job searching/layoffs has made me feel like a Ted Mosby. Instead of girls, though, it’s a full time job. I get very excited and eager, ready to give it my all, and then there’s an “if/but” or, who knows, maybe Barney Stinson is pulling a giant prank on me.

Either way, the job market is obviously tough right now. It’s hard on employers and employees alike. I know every rejection has a reason behind it, but let’s be honest. There’s no hiding the fact that continuously looking for work for over a year can be exhausting and start to impact you in a negative way.

Remain positive.

The recent blog post I re-blogged from Sybaritic Singer reminded me of one very important thing for…well, everyone. But I think creatives take it very personally (correct me if I’m wrong).

Why do we keep up with side projects to fuel our creativity? It keeps us going, keeps our mind sharp, and can often lead to a full time gig. Take the 100 Interviews blog, for example, or the Modern Seinfeld Twitter page.

What’s your creative escape? Are you doing it as a continuous hobby, or to work toward a stepping stone in your career?

Chin up, everyone! I know it hurts out there, but I believe that connecting with others in the same boat can only help.

Send me your creative outlets if you’d like! Soundcloud files, images of you and your work, videos. I’ll post them here! A short bio about yourself, what you do for your day job, and what your applying the hobby to would be great!


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