Things You Should Probably Never Say To An Identical Twin

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Yes, we’ve heard it all.

This HelloGiggles post originally set me off. It made me a little cranky. I decided to write about it and much, much later, it has ended up on Blast’s Bombshell page! Hooray!


I know that the Olsen girls are not identical twins, but hear me out. I included their photo because, as a child, my sister and I became very frustrated and purposely avoided ‘twinsy’ things. Olsens were out, along with The Parent Trap. I’ve still never seen it.

U_a_PAnd, no, we are still not aliens.

MV5BMTgzOTQ4NTk2OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjMwNDAwMQ@@._V1._SX332_SY475_And, yes, that was a little Elisabeth Moss in the 90s version of the film, where (if I remember correctly) a mountain full of twins phone home via purple smoke.


Also, no, I can’t read my sister’s mind, and I do not have telekinesis, no matter how hard I tried to be Alex Mack when I was growing up.

The coolest.

The coolest.


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