A Vegetarian Thanksgiving: Thankful for Options


Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of reflection, and a time to be thankful. If, years ago, Thanksgiving would be a time to ditch dinner and family for shopping sprees and working holidays for many minimum wage employees…well, I’d say that is just plain silly. I still say that is just plain silly. I am thankful for many reasons, but here is one topic where I think we can reflect on being thankful, and not picky. Being a vegetarian or vegan on Thanksgiving shouldn’t be about turkey shaming, feeling left out, or being preachy. Instead, be thankful for the beautiful food you have, and the fact that you have the opportunity to eat a diverse diet, if you are someone who follows one of these diets. Or, if it is for spiritual or medical reasons, here’s hoping it brings you some comfort and well being.

photo credit: Farah Fard

photo credit: Farah Fard

Either way, I hope these recipes help make your day a bit tastier!


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