Women’s Magazines and Female Journos

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Why is this still an issue?

A big kerfuffle occurred over the summer, regarding women’s magazines and female journalists. I was asked to write about the rise of the female journo, but I thought that there were so many great female writers out there already! Why was this still ‘a rise’? Why haven’t we…risen? Why are we seen as still climbing a mountain, with men at the top, instead of men and women standing at the top of a mountain, waving to one another, and saying, “Hey, cool. Good job.”

So, I took my story down this path. Why are women underrepresented? Why are the hard hitting pieces in women’s magazines not seen as valid? Why are the game changers headlined in magazines today still pretty much white men? Surely, great writing is written by a diverse set of characters.

I found a bunch of stats. I learned a lot from wonderful resources, such as Gaby Dunn (Cosmo, Daily Dot, New York Times), Lea Goldman (Marie Claire, formerly Forbes), and Jeff Wagenheim (Sports Illustrated).

Mosey on over to Blast Bombshell to read the piece!


Do you think women’s magazines are still stereotyped? Have you read a great piece in a women’s magazine recently? Do you think female journalists still have a long way to go? Do you think women’s sites are part of the problem? Drop a note and let your voice be heard!


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