Blog Mission Accomplished (And Not Giving Up)

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If any of you have followed this blog from the beginning (Hello? Is there anybody out there?), you will know that I started this blog as a way to continue writing about and interviewing musicians. I had stopped writing for different sites once I started working as an Associate Producer. The workload for both was just not doable.

So, when I started working on audio and music licensing at another role, I found my availability to be different. I was mostly writing reviews here, some interviews, you get the idea.

But I wanted to refine the focus of my blog, so I decided to focus on profiling different careers and individuals who work with music. My main goals were this:

-Build credentials in order to attend a music industry event without representing another publication. Attend as myself, representing my work.

Karmin at Rethink Music, press/(c)

Karmin at Rethink Music, press/(c)

I was able to do this in April 2012 at Boston’s Rethink Music conference. The above photo was later used in the Huffington Post.

*Side note/advice: a ton of individuals wanted their picture taken with Karmin. Since I had taken one of the few photos of just the two of them in front of the conference banner, my photo was picked up. Keep that in mind! Also, because trying to sneak into every photo of a performer or celebrity may not be professional in some settings.

Having a press pass for my own blog, and not for someone else's site, was a plus.

Having a press pass for my own blog, and not for someone else’s site, was a plus.

-Obtain a photo pass just as myself, not working for someone else.

Kimbra at Royale Boston, October 24, 2012. Photo © Farah Joan Fard.

Kimbra at Royale Boston, October 24, 2012. Photo © Farah Joan Fard.


Done and done!

-Profile a varied list of individuals who make a living through music. Examples seen below:

Mix engineer (Andrew Dawson: Kanye West, Beyonce)

Performer-from Youtube to collaborating with Justin Vernon (Doe Paoro)

Communications pro/documentary maker turned Inuit polar pop sensation (Elisapie)

Youtube sensation Karmin-from Boston to Rolling Stone

Getting your music on TV (My Politic)

Licensing Your Music (Xenia Dunford)

Choosing music as a career and starting a music festival (Alyson Greenfield)

Boston band branches out (Gentlemen Hall)

60s rock musician turned actor (Creed Bratton of The Office)

Opera singer (Amal El-Shrafi)

Touring Musician (Brandon Gilliard, bass player for Janelle Monae) 

Erica Gibson (pop songwriter, collaborator)

Alex McKenzie on Deciding to Leave the Music Industry

Sally Whitwell, Modern Classical Musician

Katherine Quittner, Temp Score Composer and Music Editor (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dracula, City of Angels, Harry Potter)

-Interview one of my favorite film composers for this blog.

This, in my mind, would be the mission: accomplished of this blog. I did a thesis project on film score and, while I am not a composer, have had a longstanding love of film music.

I’m happy to say that this task has been accomplished, and I am working on transcribing this interview as you read this! But I want to be thorough and thoughtful. I am considering posting this interview in two parts: one before the holiday, and one after.

The composer? Mr. Clint Mansell, composer for films such as Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler, and Black Swan.

Excited? You bet!

You may have also noticed that I changed the format of my blog, and have started to post the writing I produce for other sites. I’d like to keep it that way, especially since I have reached my original blog goal now. This place will serve as a sort of portfolio, if you will. And I’m open to all sorts of stuff. I also hope to continue writing for the sites I have been working with–Blast, Bombshell, xoJane, CollegeXpress.

I’ve also obtained a new role working with rights and licensing, focusing on music and theater, after this past year’s multiple layoffs, but I haven’t started yet, so no jinxing!

And, of course, the band I drum in is wrapping up recording, so be on the lookout for that. Our next gig is January 4 at PA’s lounge. Kick off the new year with some jazzy indie tunes in Union Square.

One of the easiest ways to follow is via Twitter, if you’re not into subscribing here. No worries!

All of this and more. So here’s to not giving up and getting some of those goals out of the way.

NBC/30 Rock

NBC/30 Rock


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