2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Music Enthusiasts and Audio Nerds

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I hope you know I say the above with love and joy. It’s true, because I’m a music enthusiast and audio nerd, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!

You may know that some of my posts promote and reference the writing on Blast Magazine. I’ve been writing for Blast since I graduated from Emerson back in ’09, and they’re a great bunch.

So, this year I volunteered to steer the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for music, throwing in some audio toys.

iZotope RX, anyone? Uh-mazing. I think back on the low budget videos I had to remove background noise and crackle from a few years back and weep for the fact that I did not use RX. Well, now there is RX 3. Great Thor and a hammer! It’s serious.

Running along the audio chain (but not an actual chain, or side chain…if you get this pun…+85734985674396 points), I also tested some noise cancelling headphones. Let me tell you, Ian Malcolm would not have hear any T-Rex had he been wearing these.

As for the music…I’ve got box sets, new releases and more, from classic rockers, retro tunes, legendary drummers, and 90s favorites.

So, to all of my friends here…happy holidays!

Photo (c) 2011


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