Feedback is Fun When It’s Not From Your Amp

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Did I catch you with the David Bowie image? Dance, magic, dance!

I really love interviewing people, artists especially. That being said, I reached my end point for the recent project, and don’t have too much time to write. I love writing, though. Oh, dear.

A goal I set for myself last year was to do less.

Ew, what?

As in, my friends and family think I stretch myself too thin and that I want to be involved in all of the thing, and want to help people with their things, and then I end up complaining to my cat at 2 AM about how many things. I just started a new job that I really like, and I need to focus. So, for the writing, I am focusing on writing gigs that pay, or volunteering my time for certain causes. I’m keeping this as a place to disperse this writing and share other media.

If I were to start a new blog, I have a few things to consider. Here is where I need your feedback. OH FOR SURE.

Well, one, would you read it? Or are you reading this now just because you are bored and/or thought this was about Labyrinth? Are you an internet troll who is just reading this in order to write an angst riden comment? If so, how do you feel about being called a troll and not a goblin? How do you feel about the Goblin King, Jareth?

Would you prefer a completely new focus to the blog, or still something arts oriented?

Would you like it to be interview oriented?

Would you visit the blog if the interviews were in audio format, opposed to writing?

Would more video and audio driven content be better?

If audio, would you laugh at me if it were not a podcast? What do you think of podcasts? What do you think of podracers?

Leave your thoughts below. Please and thank you.


4 thoughts on “Feedback is Fun When It’s Not From Your Amp

  1. I vote interview oriented. And since you love writing so much, I don’t see why you would need to switch to audio or video content.

    1. Thanks, Taryn!
      The reason why I am torn on writing is because I am short on free time, and feel my stories come out a lot slower when I have to find time to transcribe them. Also because I have a new full time role where I am tracking the progress of creative material, such as audio, video, music, but am no longer editing…which is something I enjoy. Would audio posts be mundane? Are written interviews a better experience?

      1. Gotcha. I personally don’t listen to podcasts, but I do find audio posts intriguing. I guess I prefer written interviews because they are more easily accessible to me- I have to find time when I can listen to audio, whereas I can usually read any time.

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