Happy Valentine’s Day! Why Diamonds Are Not This Girl’s Best Friend.

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When did women decide that the size or price of a rock made you any more special than  you already are?

Well, women didn’t, originally. Men, history, jewelry stores, you get the idea.

I have to admit that the wedding industrial complex makes me cranky. Instead of having a wedding for love, people get wrapped up in the Wedding as a Production, and the Show, and the Carefully Crafted Photos for Social Media, and the Facebook Status of the Engagement, and the Pinterest Facade of What It Will Be, and The Photos Of How Much You Love Everything That Make Me Wonder Why You Have To Publicize Yourself Like An Ad Campaign If You’re Really Happy.

Maybe part of me feels like the current state of (anti) social media makes us all that much more fake and show off-y, but it’s also the culture of ‘reality’ television, where anyone should be interesting enough to have a show about themselves.

The tradition of the engagement ring is kind of, in my opinion, like sticking a price tag on a lady. Thankfully, things have changed a bit and, no, I am not against engagement rings or weddings. I’m disturbed by people getting married just because they feel like they should, or because someone “should just put a ring on it”, or because you’re comparing yourself to how many people are engaged on Facebook, or because you want to have the Wedding Show.

I personally am not gaga over the way diamonds look, or how they’re cultivated, so I know that may seem odd. But I know lots of women who have opted for engagement rings that are diamond free, and they shouldn’t get flack for it.

More on my rant on the feisty Blast Bombshell site.



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