The Dos and Don’ts of Local Music Etiquette

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There is such a thing as musician etiquette.

I don’t just mean band to band on the night of a gig, though that certainly applies.

When you’re asking for press, when you’re on the radio, when you’re asking friends to attend your shows…these points matter, too.

And here’s the thing: the music journalists, album reviewers, radio hosts, bloggers…these people are very likely to be musicians themselves. In essence, it’s not a one way street.

As a blogger who has reviewed albums, concerts, and conducted interviews to promote a band or performer, I’m always surprised if someone approaches me hastily, only to treat me like chopped liver. Why would I write about you again if you are rude to me, or only give me the time of day when you want a glowing piece of media for your press kit?

Likewise, hounding those in your community to go to your shows and never reciprocating doesn’t sit well with me, either. Everyone does have a hectic schedule, it seems, and I totally understand that. But don’t send me enough invites and text messages to drive a carrier pigeon crazy and then ignore my band’s invite to simply ‘like’ our page. I know you’re on Facebook. You’ve updated me about your gig 20 more times!

Ok, I hope I don’t sound too snarky, but point being…what are your gripes? What has another musician done for you that you loved? I’m writing a piece on local music etiquette, and I want to hear about your experiences!


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