Is it Time to Hire a Booking Agent?

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Well, is it?

I’m glad you asked. Because maybe your friend’s sister isn’t cutting it (hey, don’t look at me…).

During the day, I geek out over intellectual property, music and art licensing, and multimedia. I work with a team of individuals who are specifically trained to do so. That’s because major publishing houses, art galleries, museums, or musicians, are less likely to grant access to creative work if the relationship is not there.

Same sort of deal applies to booking shows at venues. The booking agent has already built a relationship with the venue, so their input and faith in you is taken with more of a Khewra Salt Mine than just a grain.


Michelle Cable, Panache Booking.

Michelle Cable, Panache Booking.


Did I lose you? Maybe you should mosey on over to my monthly post for the Sonicbids blog, where I chat with Michelle Cable, founder of Panache Booking.


Will you? Won’t you?

Do you book your own shows? Or, rather, do you love your booking agent to Hoth and back?


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