Being a Good Citizen of Your Music Community

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Seeing that I attended an event at UFORGE Gallery last night, as my sister was performing there with the very jazzy Good Vibes Trio (musicians from Viva La Hop), I ended up chatting with some of the poets and performers after.

Basically, we’ve noticed something happening. There have been a few blog posts floating around, indicating that indie musicians are getting too arrogant for their own good. Now, I’m not saying that’s what is going on at all. But for any local performer–musician, slam poet–you have to be very aware of the other people in your community.

My June post for Sonicbids delves into this. In essence, it’s a two way street. Like I mentioned in my previous posts about local music etiquette, you shouldn’t just ask and ask from local bloggers or audience members without being aware of the fact that they’re likely in bands or performing groups, too, and it’s (honestly) kind of rude to always ask people for press or attendance and not give back in return.

As was discussed last night, it’s hard to be super involved when you work 9-5 and have other commitments with family and such. But even sharing a friend’s show on Twitter or liking a Youtube video helps them out.

Without further ado…

How to Be a Good Music Citizen in Your Local Scene


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