Arts Matter in Massachusetts

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You may have noticed a Tweet I sent out this morning for the MassCreative #ArtsMatter campaign. If you didn’t, you are so very lucky. I’ve pasted it real fancy style here:

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 10.29.07 PM

Before I’d heard of the #ArtsMatter campaign, I’d been thinking of my mentoring/Question&Artist idea, and thought, “wouldn’t it be kind of cool to compile a video of well known musicians I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing or covering, and a brief snippet of how arts education changed their career?”.

I didn’t implement this idea at all, but then I saw the #ArtsMatter days making their way through the local arts community.

My idea is a combination of the two.

To call out some of the great artists I’ve worked with in the past, or have found a connection to, artists who have a connection to Massachusetts, and to ask them why the arts matters to them and how it changed their education and career. And edit it into one succinct video for the October 24 #ArtsMatter day.

Who knows if it will fly. But I’ll keep bugging you all about it. Think I can do it?

I’ll start. Hi! My name is Farah and arts matter to me because theater, art, and music helped me become more confident in school, and got me out of my shell. Arts matter because arts taught me to think creatively and on my toes.

It’s true. I used to be very shy. There’s a home video somewhere of my kindergarten holiday concert, and my sister and I sang the whole thing with our backs to everyone. Class act!

When I ran into my elementary art teacher when I was in high school, she told me she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw my sister and I on the front page of the town paper for music–that we were not shy anymore!

And though I cried myself out of many auditions and some theater moments made me feel worse about myself, theater and improv really got me out of my shell. I am not at all afraid of public speaking. You know, I could probably have a conversation with a grapefruit. Is that ok?

I don’t think I’d have been able to do half the stuff I’ve done since high school if it weren’t for performing arts. Heck, one of my scholarships involved singing and dancing in front of a committee, so there’s that. I’d say ‘not one of my proudest moments’, but pfffft…it takes all kinds!

If you’re one of the groups or arts individuals I’ve reached out to for a video snippet of why arts matter to you in Massachusetts, I’d love it if you’d send me your short clip at Farahjoan at LaParadiddle dot com!

Name That Musical Number. I dare you!


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