Arts Matter Day 2014, A Group Effort


Arts matter more than my ego.

Why do I say that? Because, sure, this isn’t the best cutting I’ve ever done on a video. No L cuts, noise reduction, color correction. I’m pretty sure I hear some clipping, I myself look pretty goofy, and I wanted to spend some more time on the audio levels, but that’s not the point of this video.

October 24 is Arts Matter day, supported by MassCreative.

A little over a month ago I expressed the idea that I’d like to put together a video for Arts Matter day, comprised of different Boston artists or artists who’d studied in Boston.

Why the group effort? Because I believe that is one of the qualities of the arts community that is so compelling. I find art to be collaborative, not competitive. Sure, we have battle of the bands and competitions, but the arts community needs to be collaborative to survive, and survives on the support of each individual in the community. I felt that I could demonstrate this quality by reaching out to those in the community, past and present, and putting together a sort of collage of why arts matter to us, and why the Boston arts scene matters to us in particular.

So, here it is. Special thanks to Adam 12 of Radio BDC, Gaby Dunn, George Watsky, REKS, Rachel Cossar of the Boston Ballet, Timothy Genis of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the performers of Fermata Town, and Lucius (for their support and enthusiasm, and sorry that I was not able to obtain their video…their support is much appreciated!).

This, in a 5 minute collaboration…THIS is why to me and should matter in the November election.

Why do arts matter to you? What are you or your community doing to support the arts?

Timothy Genis

Adam 12


Gaby Dunn


Rachel Cossar

Fermata Town


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