2015: What’s My Blog Got To Do With It?

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Did my post’s title get that Tina Turner song stuck in your head? No, well, there’ll be other chances. I am not going to use this post to share any resolutions for the new year, because I know that 99% of you don’t care about that…let’s be honest! I am going to lay some things out on the table, because I believe that writing these items down creates a more concrete plan to stick to. I almost feel guilty that 2014 was so much more promising on a personal level, when the world suffered so much as a whole. I know I’ve said this before, but after feeling so low during two years of job searching and repeated layoffs, and finally being in a better place, I really felt it necessary to spend more time giving back to the community. While I’d started writing for Sonicbids in the beginning of 2014, I stopped in September. Coincidentally, my last post was also the article I wrote for them that seemed to catalyze the most anger I’ve ever seen from…pretty much anything I’ve ever written. What I’d meant to be a simple post about tricks and tips if you’d like to record your own demo was somehow interpreted as a complete bash on recording engineers. Which is funny because I feel like I spend most of my time defending artists, and was only writing these tips based on what I’d seen go wrong in studios. You know, having worked in them. Because I respect them. At the same time, if you’re a band who is just starting out, and don’t have much of an audience yet, I would personally rather record a demo with one of the many friends who have studios (just be sure they have sample tracks you can listen to), instead of sinking thousands of dollars at a studio where you’re paying for every minute there. The anger from this post showed me a few things. 1) Many of the guys commenting didn’t bother to read the article or my ‘about me’ section, and wrote me off as some air-headed girl who didn’t know what she was talking about. 2) At least 90% of the people writing angry comments clearly showed that the person didn’t read it in its entirety or misunderstood the point. 3) Following up with angry readers by replying to their comments was fruitless. I should have known. For all their angry words, not one of these men responded to my explanation or clarification. I couldn’t tell if they were embarrassed or just had no respect. I think some of them didn’t put two and two together to realize that I wrote the piece (hence the not reading it very carefully), because one guy even wrote that I must be some sort of fat guy living in my parent’s basement, recoding with Garageband, and making my minions get me coffee.


My minion, tuning the snare drum. I am really mean in the studio.

Where am I going with this? Well, I was a little bummed that my last article went out with a bang, and mostly because I didn’t want anyone thinking that was the reason for it being my last Sonicbids post. I hear that you know you’ve done something right as a writer once internet trolls start coming after you. Oh, boy. I decided to stop my Sonicbids posts because I wanted to focus on a class for work, and volunteering. As someone who was really helped my mentors and scholarships, I’d started volunteering more with mentoring programs, and one of my goals in life is to establish a need based scholarship for someone who was in the same pickle as I was in back in the day. School is expensive, and education is one of the best things for society, so how does that work out? I’m so happy to have joined BookPALS, and if you’re a performer, producer, or really just interested, you should check it out! In the organization’s words, “BookPALS (Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools) is a signature children’s literacy program of the SAG Foundation designed to provide an opportunity for performers, gifted in the art of storytelling, to help develop a love of reading in children and give back to their local communities”. The program I am involved in goes to read at one of the major city hospitals, in the pediatric ward, and it’s way more rewarding than trying to plug my face on social media. What I’m trying to say is, this year kind of made me look at myself and say, “you only live once, and you should try living in the moment more, instead of worrying so much”. When I’m on my deathbed I’d rather say I spent a few hours a week reading to a kid, over saying I spent a few hours trying to be internet famous. When did everyone become so obsessed with becoming famous on the internet, anyway? I’ve seen good writers go from writing investigative pieces, to posting for shock value, just to gain followers. The internet has certainly increased the greed for everyone’s fifteen minutes of fame, but you’re lucky if it’s 120 characters of it. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with writing fluff pieces, or comedy (comedy as a craft is underrated…it’s not easy), or even simple things to make you smile. I just don’t like this obsession some people have (and I do think my generation is very guilty of it), of wanting everyone to care about their every move. Posting every outfit, inside joke, anecdote maybe you found amusing but nobody else does? Well, before I sound like a major old fart here, I’ll get to another point, and that is that this blog is going to remain as where I update my external article links, write some blog posts, and am happy to answer any career questions through the Question and Artist page. I have one upcoming Q&A with Noa Griffel of Tory Burch. If you have questions regarding a photography or fashion career, send them my way, and soon!

Noa Griffel

Noa Griffel

The Question and Artist page is not something I want to stress about or smash in people’s faces. I’ve had some writers ask me why I don’t just post sessions based on what I think students or job seekers want to read, but I want it to be user or reader driven. I don’t care if it’s a short question, or in depth ones. It could be generic (what’s a career in photography like?) or more specific (like the very detailed questions I received for the Aaron Blaise Q&A). Right now I’m focusing on pitching to magazines, too. One of my 2015 goals is to publish something in print again. I have two current pieces under review, and neither of them are about music or film (gasp!), but more focused on some social and health issues I care a lot about, and want to investigate. We’ll see. This will also be my first year participating in The Village Voice’s Pazz & Jop poll as a critic, which I am very excited about. The band I perform with will also be returning to my hometown area for a show, which makes me happy. We want to support local venues! I have a lot of goals for this year but, again, you don’t want to know all of them. Will I ever try stand up comedy open mic night? Time will tell. Is that on my list? Who knows. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite moments of 2014. I’m not going to post any of the photos I took after this, because I look frightening. I look like a kid who just met Santa in real life. I will say I was a little bummed, being both a Rush fan and a Jason Segel fan, that he himself is not a fan of the band. I felt my journalistic integrity had to be upheld, so I asked him if it’s just a coincidence that so many of his characters are Rush fans, or if he really is? His character’s scene in Freaks and Geeks was sort of a final push for me to be a drummer.

I mean, who doesn’t want to be that kid?

Alas, he said that it is just coincidence. Rush was before his time, he said, and he is probably too young to be a Rush fan.

But, Sir, I am younger than you. Teardrops on my ride cymbal. In 5/4.

EDIT: So, I’ve heard that some took this post to mean that I was not going to write here anymore. This is not the case! I’m just not one of those writers who is going to be posting every day. This website will be a place for some blog posts, updates on my other writing, and Q&A posts, when submissions come in. I’m just not one of those bloggers who’s saying, “INTERNET, make me famous now!”.  Someone once told me my blog was more quality over quantity and, while that is very flattering, I do agree with the quantity evaluation. I’m not just posting to get Twitter friends.


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