Farah Joan Fard

Woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes/ Farah J Fard

Hello! I appreciate you stopping by.

As a writer, I craft stories for sites like Marie ClaireVanity FairStar TrekWomen’s HealthPasteBustle, and more.

As a producer and digital storyteller, I oversee and lead the vision of a powerful developer community making change for businesses and people in almost every continent.

In my previous roles I have managed and coordinated projects with clients such as National Geographic, Disney, Sony/ATV, Penguin Random House, George R.R. Martin, and the Whitney Museum.

In the audio/visual and performance realm, I’ve provided commentary for film and music podcasts, was previously a regular contributor to The Village Voice’s annual Pazz & Jop poll and review, and can occasionally be found behind the drums for Savoir Faire.

I like to write about the intersection of pop culture and social impact. I also have been known to do an investigative piece or two.

Boosting the voices of others and telling a story? Always the goal.

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