Writing Links & Creative Work

Farah Joan Fard has been writing professionally since 2005, having written for newspapers, online magazines, blogs, and various sites.

Links to some of her work may be seen here:

In Defense of Rachel Green, post on Medium.

The Looming Question of Lyme and Pregnancy, posted on Medium.

What It’s Like for Women with Eating Disorders to Be Pregnant, Women’s Health.

Dear Friends With Kids, posted on Medium.

Check out the Winter 2015 issue of Art Business News for my piece about art therapy!


Article for Marie Claire Magazine, uncovering the state of health insurance coverage for eating disorder patients.

Commentary for the 2014 Village Voice’s Pazz & Jop Poll




Tom Tom Magazine

Arts Fuse


Content that is no longer live included Spin Earth (Spin Magazine), MyFox Boston Music, and the Berkeley Beacon.

Her photography has been featured in the Huffington Post, Blast Magazine, Patch, and more.

On top of being incredibly comfortable writing, interviewing, and photographing performers, she graduated from Emerson College in 2009 and has been working in media production since then. You can find a detailed list of her work here.

She has assisted in production for audio and ebooks, including projects from McGraw-Hill, Scholastic, and Highlights. She produced a weekly and monthly interactive series for Weekly Reader, and worked as a member of the production team for Disney Spotlight and Soulo. She currently manages print and digital content for a major publisher.

Workin' on audio, teaching' kids how to play the harmonica. Video credit: George Headley.

Workin’ on audio, teaching kids how to play the harmonica. Video credit: George Headley.

She’s also worked on film sets for independent and major motion pictures, radio spots, and app tutorials. She has experience with casting, music licensing and publishing, and artist relations. Her performing arts experience includes sound design for a staged production, performance in plays and musical theater, studio supervision for auditions and rehearsals, and ongoing performance as a drummer.

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