While I did not become involved in theater until my teenage years, I truly feel that theater and music helped me to find my voice. Literally.

I used to feel so shy about even speaking in a classroom, it felt as though the words would get stuck in my throat.

Theater, improv, and music changed that for me. It made me a better speaker and granted me the ability to think on my feet, which propels me in all of my work.

I attended Emerson College in Boston, MA, for my undergraduate degree in visual media arts. I stopped performing in college, oddly enough, though I worked in the Colonial Theater dance studios and worked backstage for a few shows. At this time I had been drumming in bands for a few years without many formal lessons, and continued my studies by doing a minor focus in music and percussion through the Berklee College of Music and ProArts Consortium.

My biggest influences as a drummer come from the likes of Stewart Copeland and, honestly, dancers. I enjoy a good Metallica jam. You can sometimes find me at the drum set performing with Savoir Faire.

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