Music Industry Profiles

How does one sustain a career in music?

I’ve always enjoyed the arts and performance. As a kid I used to have a pretend radio show with my sister and good friend, and we would use our Yamaha keyboard to make the music and record it on an old Fisher-Price cassette toy. My sister and I would make pretend film trailers and ads. We loved making mix tapes or recording from the TV, especially if we could record the score from a film. We would listen to it over and over in the car.

This blog started as a way to keep up with my love for the arts, writing, and producing content. After I’d started profiling musicians, I decided on a focus for this project. I’d been laid off, and career paths were constantly on my mind. I merged music with careers for one goal: profiling people who work with music and sound professionally. I decided that the project would end once I interviewed a favorite film composer.

Kay Handley/Credit Farah Joan Fard

This is the final list from this project.

From local musicians making international waves, to notable drummers and composers. I’m so very thankful to everyone who was a part of this, and the many busy musicians who took time out of their day to be part of this. This isn’t the end of my musician interviews, but as for this particular project…it’s a wrap!

Here is the final list of profiles (the finale is split into two).

Clint Mansell, Composer (Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler, Black Swan) Part 1

Clint Mansell, Composer (Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler, Black Swan) Part 2

Boston band branches out (Gentlemen Hall)

Jazz Drummer Terri Lyne Carrington (for the list, but published for Tom Tom Magazine)

Creed Bratton on Not Giving Up: From 60s Rock and Roll to The Office

Opera singer (Amal El-Shrafi)

Brandon Gilliard on Touring and Performing as Part of Janelle Monae’s Band

Who Writes Pop Music? An Interview with Erica Gibson

Alex McKenzie on Deciding to Leave the Music Industry

Sally Whitwell (Classical Music is Alive and Well)

Katherine Quittner, Temp Score Composer and Music Editor (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dracula, City of Angels, Harry Potter)

Mix engineer (Andrew Dawson: Kanye West, Beyonce)

Performer-from Youtube to collaborating with Justin Vernon (Doe Paoro)

Being laid off

Make-a-Wish & Music Making an Impact

Elisapie: documentary filmmaker turned ‘polar pop’ singer

Graduating Emerson College’s Theater Department and Jumping Into the Nashville Music Scene

Eva Walsh: Succeeding in the Folk Pop Scene as a Classical Violinist

When Do You Call Yourself a Musician? Steph Barrak and Her Career

Youtube sensation Karmin-from Boston to Epic Records and Rolling Stone

Rethink Music 2012

Getting your music on TV (My Politic)

Submit Your Music to Licensing Agencies (Xenia Dunford)

Boheme: Being Your Own Producer and Writing a Screenplay

Choosing music as a career and starting a music festival (Alyson Greenfield)

Update! This article was meant for another site, but alas, the assignment was not meant to be. However, I thought readers may find it helpful to the subject of careers in music:

Being a Talent Buyer (and how to book that show)

Elvis Costello/Credit Farah Joan Fard

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