Farah Joan Fard


As a writer, I craft stories for sites like Marie ClaireVanity FairStar TrekWomen’s HealthPasteBustle, and more. As a producer and digital storyteller, I have worked with clients such as National Geographic, Highlights, Weekly Reader, various museums and musicians, and more. In the audio/visual and performance realm, I’ve provided commentary for film and music podcasts, was previously a regular contributor to The Village Voice’s annual Pazz & Jop poll and review, and drum with a band in the Boston area.

Selected Writing

Vanity Fair

VF‘s Hollywood and Vanities sections focus on industry, plus the lives and looks that shape our culture. My pieces dive into how sci-fi and fashion collide.

Marie Claire

Focusing on life and culture, I’ve done everything from a serious investigation into eating disorder treatment coverage, a look at student loan finance, and a profile of the one and only Elaine Benes.

Star Trek

Being especially interested in media theory and the intersection of art and society, I am honored to have written two pieces for StarTrek.com.


An investigation on gender disparity in fine arts.


Fun musings on musical theater in Paste.

Women’s Health

Proud to have the opportunity to tell various women’s stories to raise awareness on the struggle of body dysmorphic disorder, eating disorders, and pregnancy.

Art Business News

Research on the expanding use of art therapy.

An Interview with Clint Mansell

A much older piece from when I was doing a music and arts blog. It was a great project, and I interviewed individuals such as Creed Bratton (The Office), Susannah Cahalan (Brain on Fire), and Clint Mansell (Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream). This is a two part interview that was sparked via a Twitter conversation.

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