Farah Joan Fard

I deliver content to elevate education and empathy. My writing has been published in Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Star Trek, Women’s Health, Paste, Bustle, and more. I’ve provided commentary for film and music podcasts, was previously a regular contributor to The Village Voice’s annual Pazz & Jop poll and review, and have been working on digital content since graduating from Emerson College in 2009.

You may view my recent clips below.

These two pieces focused on a few of my favorite things: costume design and sci-fi/fantasy.

A serious investigation on eating disorder treatment , a look at student loan finance, and a profile of the one and only Elaine Benes.
My first for Star Trek, an exploration of how the series tackles xenophobia.
An investigation on gender disparity in the fine art world.
Fun musings on musical theater in Paste.
Telling the stories of various women’s struggles with body dysmorphic disorder, eating disorders, and pregnancy for Women’s Health.
Research on art therapy for Art Business News.