Prose! Selected works.

Some investigations. Some theatrics. A whole lotta sci-fi love.

The Women Garage Owners Chipping Away at Car Culture’s Misogyny (Mic)

After 30 Years, We Still Owe Elaine From ‘Seinfeld’ So Much (Marie Claire)

How Scientists Answered the Demands for Coffee in Space (

Ferengi, Farangi, and Fearing the ‘Other’ (

In 2017, Powerful Women Finally Got the Costumes They Deserved (Vanity Fair)

From Blade Runner to The Force Awakens, How Sci-Fi Influences Fashion (Vanity Fair)

Broadway’s Top 7 Love Songs (Paste Magazine)

Ok, so there are way more than seven amazing love songs from Broadway. What are your favorites?

Paying Off Student Loans in a Bad Economy (Marie Claire)

The goal of this article is not to flaunt the loan payoff, or the application of scholarships. My goal is to underline the depths of the student loan crisis in this country. My struggle was minuscule compared to most.

Women Outnumber Men At Art Schools — So Why Isn’t Their Work Shown? (Bustle)

What It’s Like for Women with Eating Disorders to Be Pregnant (Women’s Health)

The Scary Truth About Eating Disorder Treatment (Marie Claire)

In Defense of Rachel Green (Medium)

The Expanding Reach of Art Therapy (Art Business News) 

An Interview with Clint Mansell (personal blog)

This interview was not reviewed by a professional editor and was done as part of a personal writing project I managed after being laid off. I interviewed various performers and music business professionals, exploring various career avenues of the arts, including Creed Bratton (The Office), Karmin, film score temp composers, opera singers, record producers like Andrew Dawson, and recording and touring musicians such as Brandon Gilliard (Janelle Monáe). This project truly launched me from blog writer and the local music beat via newspapers, covering concerts, into the type of freelance work I do now, broadening my scope past the music industry.

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