Being a Studio and Touring Musician: A Chat With Brandon Gilliard

I’ve wondered…what is it like to be on tour with a Grammy nominated, high profile musician and her band? Brandon Gilliard has been performing since he was a child. He studied hard as a Music major at Anderson University, and has been collaborating with an impressive roster of musicians ever since. He is currently theContinue reading “Being a Studio and Touring Musician: A Chat With Brandon Gilliard”

Getting Laid Off Early In Your Career

You just started your career and, just like that, you’ve been laid off. One of the first things I was told at my very first internship was that job security in the music industry is next to none and that my job could get taken away at any second. However, I’d say that is trueContinue reading “Getting Laid Off Early In Your Career”

Look At Her Now: Amy Heidemann and the Music Business

“I still count Amy among the very small number of people in that town who did not make my life a living hell when I was growing up. She was always incredibly sweet and open to talking to me when our paths crossed, and she treated me like a human being not ‘the fat weirdContinue reading “Look At Her Now: Amy Heidemann and the Music Business”